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Flaxseed Oil Powder/Omega-3 Oil/Microencapsulated Flaxseed Oily Powder
Description of Flaxseed Oil Powder:
Flaxseed Oil Powder CWD is a free flowing, cold waterdispersible powdermanufactured by the proprietary microencapsulation technology.
【Specification】:50%(Oil content is 50%, alpha-linolenic acid is about 23%)Customizable 10-70% specifications.
【Appearance】: Pale yellow powder
【Component】:Cold pressed flaxseed oil, modified starch, whey protein, etc.The functional component is alpha-linolenic acid
【Shelf Life】: Two years in the original package. It is recommended to use the entire content after opening.
【Product Features】:Through the advanced micro encapsulation technology, the application range of the product has been expanded, the stability of flaxseed oil has been improved, and the heavy grease taste of flaxseed oil has been shielded.
【Product Usage】:Solid drinks, healthy food, health products, cosmetics, milk powder, etc
【Product Efficacy】:Cold-pressed linseed oil is rich in Ω - 3,Ω - 3 belong to the 'essential unsaturated fatty acids', is extremely important to the human body, Ω - 3 content in flaxseed oil is the highest in the vegetable oil, because of the importance of the body, it is called "liquid gold".
Detailed Images of Flaxseed Oil Powder:
Micro-encapsulation Procedure of Flaxseed Oil Powder:
Packaged in 10Kg net aluminum foil bags under nitrogen, two bags in each corrugated paper carton.
Storage and Handling:
Store in a cool dry place, protected from light, heat and oxygen. The preferred storage temperature is below 30°C.
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