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Air filter

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Hi I have 600 miles in very dusty conditions. I checked filter at 300 miles. Was ok but showing fair amount of dirty on top of filter.
At 600 miles was very dirty on top but not bad in between the filter fins. The filter is coated with oil from factory. There for all the dirt is on top.
I also did a suck test on the filter from the engine side and there was no resentments at all.
So far very happy. Garey
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Hi I read on a forum that R2C Performance Products was coming out with a washable air filter.
For the Honda talon. Contacted them and they are in R&D should be on the market in two months.

Good to know. Does anyone have experience with this product.

Thanks Garey
Does anyone know if this will reduce the dirty air filter problem? Its a snorkel kit from Side by Side Sports. This is the stock photo from their website.
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I bought their kit but didn't like the snorkel. So I installed the pipe to the air box, cut the hole in the fender, and put an S&B cotton washable air filter on top of the 3.5 inch rubber connector with a piece of 3.5 od exhaust tubing to connect the coupler with the filter. Bought two filters, change them out after about two rides and my R2C filter almost never gets dirty. I ride in very dusty conditions in Utah. I don't understand people objecting to noise from an external filter. I don't notice any difference but I have a back window.
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