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Been meaning to write up how I installed my sound system on my Honda Talon. Maybe this might give some of you an idea of custom speaker set up on your talon. Overall its pretty easy to do once you have all the right parts

Parts List:
4) JBL MS8LB 8in marine speakers
1) JBL MA4505 Marine 5 Channel Amp
1) JBL MS10LB 10 Subwoofer
4) Krypt Watersports 8in Speaker Cans
1) Superatv Honda Talon trunk (Doubles as the Subwoofer Box)
1) MTX Universal Bluetooth receiver/remote
1) XTC Honda Talon Keyed Busbar Accessory kit.
4) ¼ or ½ in thick nylon washers.
1) piece of thin gauge sheet metal or a piece of plywood.

For the amp Installed it under the drive seat. Now under the seat I believe there is an ECU or some other controls so I wound up cutting out a piece of metal that would span across the top of these section and I was able to mount the amp on top of the sheet. the amp was a little high for the seat to go back down so, I used nylon washers to raise the seat up a little.

For the speakers I wound up installing all four of them behind the passenger and driver seats on the roll cage. They are beyond loud and I love them.

For the subwoofer I wound up buying a Superatv cargo box and cut a hole in it so I could mount the subwoofer in it. Overall it works great as a subwoofer box and it doubles as storage space. I would suggest installing a watertight disconnect in the speaker wire so, when you need to access the air filter you can pull the cargo box without worrying about the speaker wire in the way.

Then its all operated off the MTX universal remote that I attached to the upper glove box off a Mounting plate I 3D printed.

Hope this helps some of yall!

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