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I’m not the most mechanical guy but I’m okay with wiring. Here are 30 bought not built add-on’s for my 2021 R Live Valve.

These are all “bolt on” and they can’t compare with the upgrades many others have made to their machines.

Talon Upgrades:
  • RycoMoto street legal kit
  • System3 XTR370 30” tires
  • ITP Cyclone 15” wheels
  • SuperATV front bumper
  • Honda OEM cube lights (2)
  • SuperATV Black Ops 6,000lbs winch
  • EMP under hood storage bin
  • Honda OEM 40” light bar
  • Honda OEM full glass windshield
  • Honda OEM wiper kit
  • SuperATV tree kickers
  • Kimimoto side mirrors
  • Kimimoto rear view mirror
  • Axia Alloys dome light
  • Console switch plate (5) with volt meter
  • Robotpart billet shift knob
  • EXE quick shiftgate
  • DragonFire steering wheel
  • Side switch plate (3)
  • DragonFire 4pt. harnesses
  • Honda center storage bag
  • Honda OEM back windshield
  • BVC Pre-filter
  • Trinity Stage 5 dual exhaust
  • SuperATV rear bed enclosure
  • HMF spare tire carrier
  • DragonFire extinguisher mount
  • Rough Country 10” LED center tail light
  • DragonFire rear hitch receiver

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Pics man Pics
My Talon is snowed in at my cabin in Central Washington. If I can make it in there I can take some pictures. But I may need to wait until spring. It’s snowed more than four feet in the past two days and there’s a lot more in the forecast. The good news is that I didn’t fabricate or modify my machine so you can Google each item I added

If anyone has questions about any of the items on the list let me know. I’m happy with each purchase with the exception of the Kimimoto side mirrors.

The “scratch resistant” back window is prone to scratching. A glass version would be better but I’m impatient and couldn’t find one in stock. I know Tusk makes a good one but they were out of them.

The BVD pre-filter is by far my most vital add-on.

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The RobotPart shift knob you got, was that the one for the Rzr? I assume it fit the Talon?

Black Grip Style Shift Knob, Billet Aluminum Shift Knob Shifter
Yes, that’s the one. I haven’t installed the quick shift gate or the replacement knob yet. If it doesn’t fit I understand you can drill it out just a touch and it will fit fine. It’s inexpensive so I thought I would give it a try. I can’t get to my Talon until the snow melts in the lower Cascades.
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