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  1. Dealer says "No more Honda Talon Production in 2020" ...Really?

    Honda Talon 1000 General Discussion Forum
    I've been in the market for a Talon R for the few weeks. I'm not in any real rush, looking all over the country for the best possible deal I could find. -- I've contacted about a dozen dealerships but only received a response from a few. Mainly from dealers trying to up-charge the talon due to...
  2. Picking your brain. Talon r vs rzr turbo S

    Honda Talon 1000 General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys would like a little feed back, may even catch some slack!? But i have been a honda fan sense i was a kid on my first dirt bike "xr100" with that being said when they finally released the talon i have fell in love from the first sight. But not ever owning a sxs im really hung up. The...