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  1. Parts & Accessories
    Assault Industries carries two light mounts, a 55 degree set meant for mounting things like lighting systems to the "A" pillar part of the roll cage and a 90 degree set meant for mounting to straight vertical or horizontal bar. Both mounts come in pairs and are made from high grade anodized...
  2. Parts & Accessories
    Hi y’all. First post, just bought my first 2020 Talon R last week...dumped the ol turbo Rzr for some Honda reliability! Anyways a light bar is always a good first mod, so i searched for a way to mount it and i never found anything i liked. I wasn’t a fan of the roof mount, and I also didn’t...
  3. Electronics
    Hey guys! recently purchased a 20 inch light bar and was wondering if any of you have done the installation and where you've ran the wires.
1-3 of 3 Results