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  1. Parts & Accessories
    Well, finally something stopped working on the Talon before it stopped working on the rzr. The battery went 👋 after just over a year, go figure only has a 1 year warranty. After researching there’s not a lot out there. I ended up ultimately going with the a lithium Antigravity battery. It has a...
  2. Electronics
    Having issues with our power steering cutting out and have discovered that if we keep a trickle charger on battery all the time it solves that problem. But if we let it sit for one day off the charger, the damn eps light flashes on the display and power steering is almost non existent. I read on...
  3. Assault Industries
    The Assault Industries battery terminal relocation kit moves a set of terminals to a more accessible area. On many UTV's, the factory battery compartment isn't impossible to get to, but can become a pain if the battery constantly needs trickle charging or maintenance. What if you didn't have to...
  4. Honda Talon 1000 General Discussion Forum
    My battery went dead after only 9 months. Dealership won't replace it. Is it best to just buy the same exact OEM battery, or are there other ones that might be cheaper and/or better. Of course that will fit in the stock battery box. Thanks ahead of time.
  5. Honda Talon 1000 General Discussion Forum
    Is anyone running 30 or 32” tires? I ruined one of my stock ones this weekend and have been wanting to go up in size. I didn’t know if bigger or heavier tires would be hard on the transmission. I do climb some big and rocky hills. Also am thinking about putting in an accessory battery. I’m...
1-5 of 5 Results