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  • twf1967 ·
    superatv! after testing the talon a few hours ago on jeep width trails with rocks (I live in idaho) the throttle spring is way too soft! this would of been my first purchase (but no one makes a stiffer spring yet! what!?) if i would of test drove the talon first then bought all my parts. i have read about this issue crawling and in rocks and is now confirmed! throttle needs a stiffer spring!
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    SuperATV · ·
    Hey twf1967!
    I'd agree. We've had the rock crawling experience. That's a pretty great idea for a simple fix. I'll pass it along to the team! Thanks for the heads up!
    Thunderchicken ·
    just came back from WV 29 degrees sat morning I need your flip up windshield for sure. Can you send me your discount code. I just got all your mirrors. they work great. The suppose they will work with the windshield. thanks again.
    HavasuDave ·
    Love the flip up window and 3 mirror rear view! could you send me the code for a discount? I would like to buy your lower door for my Talon R. Thanks
    BlueDog1210 ·
    Just wanted to check the stock wheels ar 14" and not:




    Just want to make sure.

    Thank you.
    SuperATV · ·
    Oops!!! They're 15"s! I better edit my post! We still have a bunch of 15" options.
    Thunderman ·
    Hello, I am a new talon owner and am interested in the flip front and the back window. A discount would be appreciated greatly. Thanks
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    SuperATV · ·
    You got it!
    formerchfo · ·
    Received and installed the tinted rear windshield for my Talon last week and very satisfied with the quality of the product. Very impressed with the hardware and simplicity of installation, have yet to put it to the test but am certain it will exceed my expectations. Recommend this product to anyone trying to minimize dust, etc. blowback.
    SuperATV · ·
    Thanks formerchfo!!
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